Lancaster Community Orchestra

Where Live Music Lives

General Information
Rules of Professionalism.

Musicians should be prompt and in their seats ready to tune 15 minutes prior to start time. It is very distracting to have musicians arrive late.
   You will be given your music and you are responsible for this music. If you decide not to participate with the Orchestra please return your music.
Practice is very important and should be done not only on Thursday evening as well as during the week.
Concert Attire

Informal— Black pants and Red polo shirts, black socks and shoes.
***Note: New members must sign up to order a polo shirt.
 Formal— Ladies— Formal black dresses or black slacks, black shirts and black shoes.
   Men— Black tuxedo or black suits, white tuxedo shirt or white dress shirt , Black bow tie, black socks and black shoes
Membership fees: First time members $75 plus $25 for Uniform Shirt plus $25 for one ad for program. Returning members $75 plus $25 for one ad for program. Fees are due and payable the first night of practice. If membership fees can't be paid by the third week of practice you will need to let us know so arraingements can be made.
Membership Fees can now be paid by credit card when paying at the Soccer Center